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About project -  off-the-shelf office search solution - we know everything about everyone! The site displays all the information necessary for making a decision about renting an office or buying it, then only the inspection and signing of the Agreement. Set the required search parameters and view up-to-date information about each object: photos, prices, vacant offices, layouts, etc. Add to favorites, compare according to your key needs, arrange a viewing with the owner and sign the Agreement without intermediaries. However, if you need our help, we are ready to find suitable offers for you and arrange inspections of selected offices for a fixed fee. All our employees are personally familiar with almost every object and owner, so we are ready to provide you with comprehensive advice to make a decision.

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  • Intermediaries who do not take%

    A broker/agent who does not claim to pay % from the tenant represents the interest of the owner, defends his interest and conditions, as he pays for the broker's services. It will not offer you all the options, but only those where the owner is ready to pay his remuneration. 

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